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Tyra Beauty Event

Tyra Beauty Event

Good Morning Dolls! 

This past Thursday, I had an opportunity to attend a Tyra Banks event hosted by the beautiful LeeAnne Hayden & Paula Harvey in which they talked about how to become your own boss and how to become part of an amazing makeup branch like the BeautyTainer. Created by Tyra Banks, the makeup line is beautifully done and I was so impressed! The pigmentation and creaminess of all the products were so marvelous and everything blended so well. Watching videos of Tyra explaining the reasons why she decided to create Tyra Beauty was so inspiring and I left the event feeling so empowered! 

First, let's talk about how great & affordable each makeup item is! Although they are inexpensive, Tyra Bank's does not compromise quality, everything is amazing! Plus, the names of each product are beyond creative and filled with so much girl power! Who doesn't feel extra confident and sexy while wearing lipsticks called, "Do You Girl, Hater Blocker or Show Some Cleavage"? I know I do!

Here are three of my favorite lip models (Lipsticks): 

The gorgeous, nude "2 Minute Tyover" seen first, then the stunning "Do You Girl" lipstick or as Tyra Banks put it, "What Lipstick?" Last but not least,  the beautiful and shimmery "What It Takes" lipmodel!  These three lipsticks are perfect for any skin tone! 

However, do not be mistaken, Tyra Banks proves that her lipsticks are not the only items in her makeup line calling for your attention! Her highlighter, Super Smize, will have you smizing like a model down the street! The Smoky Smize eyeshadow pallet has 4 different smoky shades with an angled brush giving you the perfect smokey eye for a night out. Also, if you're like me, you love a good cat eye and with "Oops Liner" you will have a killer wing liner to finish up any look! 

If you want to buy any of these products or want to explore the rest of her makeup line, you can go on her website, Tyra, and also check out her Instagram, "TyraBeauty". 

If you are interested in being a part of this beautiful and empowering group of women as well as becoming your own BOSS, go online to Tyra.

Don't miss out on this awesome opportunity! 

Let me know what you think about Tyra's makeup line in the comment section below!

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  My Nighttime SkinCare Routine

My Nighttime SkinCare Routine